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Xoxomate offers many ways of friendships and dating and teaches teens and adults, from 16 years old to older, many tactical ideas to develop and maintain healthy relationships and prevent all kinds of interpersonal violence. Xoxomate has filters permitting you to find single friends in your area quickly. Every profile displays individually whether or not the member is considering new friendships to turn into potential dates, right on their profile, and has all features, including sending and reading messages.

The rise of online dating permits us to meet new people outside our social systems fast. Intriguingly, though, online friendships that turn into dating are gradually integrating themselves into our current social networks. Many friendships and dating apps like Xoxomate are linked to meeting new people, interacting with them, and finally, finding their soulmates. Yes, you heard it right; friendship and dating app can even help you find your soul partner with whom you start to generate feelings of credibility and trust. It is indeed true that the worlds of dating and social networking are on a route toward confluence, and friendship is the driving force.


 You may already know by now that our website's main motto is to match singles with their potential partners. But where does it all start to reach, to becoming true partners? First, it all initiates with friendships that let two people get to know each other well through every aspect and eventually turn their friendship into dating.

Xoxomate, as an online dating consultant and matchmaking dating site, firmly believes in the power of recommendation networks. Our professionals who have once been in your footsteps have also gone through hundreds of dates, checking out over 100 dating websites. With all their lifetime dating experience and advising hundreds of individuals at all levels of dating knowledge, one thing that constantly stood out to us is that friendship is the most important driver of dating success. Using dating sites to find true love is wasteful and prone to many failures. If you wish to find your soul mate, building friendship based on trust and respect is the key that leads to opening doors to potentially finding your soul partner. That is where we come; our professional matchmakers will help you in all the stages of your friendship dating journey to help you find your potential soul partner. Fall in love with love again. We can't wait to help you take the first step.


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Xoxomate is a contemporary dating site where thousands of people meet every day to find their soulmates. Xoxomate is accessible all over the world giving single men and women more opportunity to explore and meet different people and different culture just right where they are, whether you are at the office or at the comfort of your home.

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